IBM API Connect Version 2018 accelerates your organization’s cloud strategy with its multi-cloud deployment capabilities and scalable microservices architecture.

To aid in our existing IBM API Connect Version 5 customers’ moves towards the version that will prepare them for their future API needs, we have developed a simple, fast and easy-to-use migration solution, Migrate Assist.

In this post, I will explain how we have developed this solution and how you can obtain Migrate Assist.

We follow data migration best practices

IBM API Connect employs best practices with a parallel stack migration from v5 to v2018. Both your old and new IBM API Connect environments will be stood up during your team’s move to ensure success.

Migrate Assist

Migration is possible via the easy-to-use CLI tool, Migrate Assist. Migrate Assist will take your v5 data and migrate it over to v2018.

When we designed Migrate Assist, we asked our customers a couple questions. How would you evaluate the perfect migration solution? What dimensions would you examine? Our insights told us that the solution needs to be flexible, reliable and transparent. This is exactly what we have delivered.

Flexible – Migrate Assist is flexible because it lets you control what you migrate over to v2018 via a human-readable interface.

Reliable – Migrate Assist is reliable because it includes a command to perform a dry-run so you know exactly what to expect before performing the actual migration.

Transparent –Migrate Assist is transparent because it provides detailed CLI output and logs, so  you know exactly what is being unpacked and loaded into your v2018 stack at any given time.

Where do I sign up?

You can download the Migrate Assist tool from Fix Central and view migration documentation on the IBM Knowledge Center.


Winston Lee is a Product Manager on the IBM API Connect Team.

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