Have you ever felt how wonderful it would be if developer tools listened to you???

We hear you fellow developers!

We at IBM API Connect have been laser focused on simplifying the developer experience (DevUX) to help you rapidly create and test APIs.

The latest version of API Designer toolkit is packaged as native desktop install and comes with an array of tools to improve developer productivity. You may already know that it comes with a Designer and a CLI to define your APIs. But, with this new version you will now have your own test environment to test your APIs without having the need to connect to API Manager Cloud or On-prem. What does this mean?

Local Test Environment (LTE) is a light weight API Manager running on your laptop. It allows you to rapidly test APIs on your laptop locally. There is no other API Management solution in the market that has this capability yet. With this new capability, developers enjoy total independence thereby increasing their productivity multi-fold times.

With API Designer, a developer can have multiple connection to different API Manager instances and has flexibility to choose to connect. You can choose to connect to your LTE or dev environment or staging or production as and when you need to.

We didn’t stop here, there is more. We wanted to understand how developers create APIs and as a result of extensive user research and design iteration we have simplified the UI to make the end to end user flow extremely easy.

  • The new header with new publish “play” button, we have removed the need for developers to understand the concept of products and catalogs to test their APIs.
  • When changes are made to an API and saved, the new header indicates the API needs to be published again to reflect those changes.
  • With the real time syntax checking, the iteration time for developing APIs is reduced.

To learn more about per-requisites, install, installation verification of LTE – http://ibm.biz/localtest

Check out the demo here –



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