API Connect now supports OpenAPI v3. Now you can publish an API designed using OpenAPI 3.0 specification and manage its lifecycle in a similar fashion to that of OpenAPI v2.

In addition, API consumers can discover, view and subscribe to the OpenAPI v3 definition on the developer portal. Also, API developers can enforce policies and protect their API on the gateway.

The video below walks you through simple steps of publishing an OAI 3 API definition, viewing API documentation on the portal and testing the endpoint using API Connect Test and Monitor.

You can find the artifacts used in the demo here


You can read more on this on the knowledge center

2 comments on"Manage and Enforce OpenAPI v3 (OAI v3)"

  1. Which version of apic are you using. I installed the latest version of and it does not seem to support openapi v3:

    $ apic –version
    API Connect: v5.0.8.7 (apiconnect: v5.0.25)

    $ apic validate p.yaml
    Encountered a file that is not a product or api p.yaml.
    Error: Validation did not complete successfully.

    • VRP-Pramodh January 08, 2020

      The version I used 2018.4.1.x. The latest FP available as of Jan 2020 is FP 9 (2018.4.1.9)

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