With the recent outbreak of COVID 19,  working from home is becoming the new norm. It looks like we will all be working remotely for the foreseeable future.  What this means is the entire workforce is using VPN to securing remote access to internal systems and this has taken a huge toll on the VPN capacity for enterprises leading to connectivity issues. I have experienced this with the first 3 days of my working from home. Sigh!

IBM has also sent out a list of applications that can be used without connecting to VPN for balancing the load.




I can imagine how difficult it is for API developers who are completely reliant on the VPN to get access to their API Management hosted on the cloud. With intermittent connection, it becomes totally difficult for developers to work without any interruption.
With IBM API Connect, we have enabled developers to work uninterrupted on their laptop/desktop using toolkit which consists of API Designer and Local Test Environment (LTE).

With API Designer and LTE, Developers can develop and test APIs on their laptops locally without having to connect to the API Manager Cloud connection. They do not need a VPN connection to work from anywhere. Local Test Environment (LTE) is a lightweight API Manager running on your laptop. It allows you to rapidly test APIs on your laptop locally. There is no other API Management solution in the market that has this capability yet.

If you haven’t downloaded it, check out this blog post on how to download LTE – https://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/2019/08/23/intall-local-test/
To start using check this blog post – https://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/2019/08/13/test-apis-on-laptop/

Do stay safe and stay home to take the necessary precautions!

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