Amit Acharya

Amit Acharya is a Program Director for API Connect, Product Management & Strategy

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API Connect v2018.1.0 is GA! How to get started

If you haven’t already read about the new capabilities in API Connect v2018.1.0, please read this post announcing the new release. Versioning: With this release...

Manage Your API Gateway with API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated

Did you ever feel the need where you don’t have to compromise between having API Management on cloud while retaining control of your API Gateways? If...

What’s New in API Connect & Gateways

IBM API Connect & Gateways Releases API Connect 2Q 2018 API Connect 1Q 2018 API Connect 4Q 2017 API Connect 3Q 2017 API Connect 2Q...

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