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How to harden your enterprise APIs

The market for APIs has experienced explosive growth in recent years, yet the major issues that API providers still face are protection and hardening of...

Data Insight–Driven Enterprises in Digital Economy

Connecting everything to the Internet—the Internet of Everything—brings an interesting problem to the forefront: data onslaught. Examples of data onslaught in the new digital economy...

‘APIs and Mobile/Electronic Payments’ with Jason Harmon, Session 1

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Where are you spending your enterprise IT dollars?

In the last few years, the enterprise landscape has changed. While IoT “infestation” is a major reason for this change, there are other important reasons...

IBM/SmartBear Webinar – Tomorrow (Jan 8, 2015) 11 am ET

Ole Lensmar (CTO/ SmartBear - SOAPUI) and I are doing a webinar on “Enterprise API readiness” tomorrow at 11 am EST. Registration details inside.

When your APIs are ready to be liberated, are you ready to free them?

When the APIs move from a “lab exercise” to being an enterprise channel, they need to be solid and managed like a real product. So...