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Changes to Authentication for API Connect on Cloud

Please be advised: The IBM API Connect team will be sunsetting the use of Basic Authentication for our Management APIs in our Public Cloud regions...

IBM API Connect Version 5 LTS Policy

The release of IBM API Connect version 2018.1 on March 30 effects the Long Term Support (LTS) policy of IBM API Connect version 5. As...

What’s New in Analytics with API Connect v2018.1.0

API Connect v2018.1.0 offers a remastered top of the line Analytics tool. New features can be categorized three-fold: 1.) improvements to performance and scalability utilizing...

Exploring with Docker and the Secure Gateway in v5

By installing IBM API Connect in a Docker container, you can run a complete IBM API Connect on-premises environment on your local machine.

Fun with API Connect and Alexa

Do you have Amazon Echo aka Alexa? Do you use it everyday like we do? Weather updates? Recipes? Playing music? Telling Jokes, Buying unnecessary stuff...

Customizing the Developer Portal in v5 pt. 2

We continue and add on to our initial discussion and demo on Customizing the Developer Portal in API Connect

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