Once established it is very important to treat an exposed API as a product. To treat an API as a product you will require an API strategy, a business model, a means of socializing the APIs, information on the API consumption etc. To fully address these concerns an API management solution must meet the requirements of the following personas:

  • The API Product ManagerThe API product manager establishes the API strategy and pricing model(s). They are responsible for the marketing and socialization of the APIs and use the available analytics to evaluate the existing APIs and make investment decisions.
  • The API DeveloperThe API developer is responsible for creating, testing, versioning, applying security and publishing the APIs.
  • The Application DeveloperThe application developer subscribes to the publicized APIs which they use to create applications from such as a smart phone application, a web page etc.
  • The Operations LeadThe operations lead is responsible for the initial installation and configuration of the API Management solution as well as the day to day running and maintenance of the environment. In a SaaS solution it is worth noting that this role is outsourced and included as part of the hosting cost.

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