API Connect & Gateways Releases

API Connect & Gateways 2Q 2017

Continuing the leadership into key investment areas for 2017, below is the list of major features delivered with their own blogs and videos. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

Multi-Cloud Design

Enterprise API Lifecycle

Developer Productivity

API Connect & Gateways 1Q 2017

2017 promises to be a banner year for API Connect and Gateways. Already a robust and comprehensive solution to API management and security, our offerings will grow to match your needs wherever or however you want to use them. You don’t meet us halfway; we meet you exactly where you need us to.

Embracing multi-cloud design as a core component of development, we now offer more options for deployment than ever before. Enterprise API Lifecycle management has been streamlined and improved, giving you easy access to even more levers to control your APIs. And we’ve introduced new tools to increase developer productivity, so you can meet the diverse demands of marketplace quickly and effectively.

Below is a list of major features we are adding this year, with their own blog posts and ready-to-go tutorials. Take a look and find out how API Connect and Gateways can grow your business!

Multi-Cloud Design

  • Hybrid entitlement and deployment: Entitlements can be applied in any combination of on-premises, virtual, and cloud environments that you wish. See here for more info.
  • Secure hybrid connectivity: Connect your front-end experience on Bluemix to API back-ends hosted anywhere, with cloud friendly pricing.
  • Hybrid deployment freedom: Co-locate API Gateways with any back-end, and control it all on Bluemix Dedicated.
  • Docker container support: Docker support for gateway development within the cloud environment of your choice.
  • Performant & scalable: Highly performant & scalable microservices-based architecture for multi-cloud choice (coming soon*).

Enterprise API Lifecycle

  • Socialize APIs from multiple LoBs in a single developer portal: Different teams within a an organization can socialize their APIs in a single corporate developer portal to increase the exposure of their APIs, while each team retains LoB specific control.
  • Docker orchestration for microservices runtime management to simplify alignment to corporate standards: Runtime management of polyglot microservices in the open industry standard Docker containers for enhanced operational productivity and consistent DevOps processes.
  • OpenAPI extensions for standards-based API customizations: Add extensions to your API definition to add additional metadata as required by your organization.
  • Real-time Analytics offload to third party tools: Easily off-load analytics to popular systems like Splunk and SAP for improved insights.
  • Monetization support to track & generate revenue via API program: New and simple user experience for setting monetized API plans, pricing details, usage tracking and billing for API product managers (coming Soon*).
  • Performant & Flexible new API Gateway, built on DataPower: Natively built API Gateway with low-level optimizations in the platform to provide increased performance with new built-in policies (Coming soon*).
  • API Connect workload isolation on DataPower physical gateways: Run API Gateway services as isolated tenants with configurable CPU, memory file systems for operational resiliency (coming soon*).

Developer Productivity

  • Built-in API Management in Bluemix: Developers can build serverless OpenWhisk and traditional Cloud Foundry apps in Bluemix Public, and secure, control their APIs.
  • DataPower integration with API developer toolkit: Develop and test API security, traffic management and mediation policies for enhanced productivity. Download the toolkit.
  • Revamped NGINX & Node.js Microgateway: Now open sourced programmable and extensible framework to build your own gateway solution for unlimited extensibility.
  • SwaggerHub integration with auto-sync: Use SwaggerHub to design APIs and easily deploy to API Connect on Bluemix to speed API delivery.
  • In-app chat with API Connect experts: Post questions and feedback to the API experts without leaving the API Connect interface and get responses in minutes.
  • Built-in monitoring for Node.js microservices: Instant, power, live insights into Node.js applications through Node Application Metrics.
  • Automated API creation in Swift: Create server side Swift microservices using the API Connect Developer Toolkit in minutes (coming soon*).

API Connect v5.0.7

For details on what’s new in v5.0.7, visit the IBM Knowledge Center.

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*Statement of Direction published here. Subject to change without notice.