Originally published here by Kay O’Riordan, Feb 12, 2015.

The Performance Management (SaaS)/Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights integration is now available. This integration is an optional feature available with the following Performance Management (SaaS) offerings:
-IBM Monitoring (SaaS)
-IBM Application Performance Management (SaaS)

To add the Predictive Insights integration to a Performance Management (SaaS) subscription, go Service Engage. No additional configuration is required, the integration is automatically configured to collect and analyze performance metrics.

This integration provides you with advanced analytics that automatically learns the normal behavior of your data (collected from your applications and infrastructure) and helps you avoid service impacting outages. By applying the Predictive Insights solution to the data collected by Performance Management (SaaS), your organisation can utilize the automatically learned patterns and associations to help identify the root cause of problems faster.

The Performance Management (SaaS) solution collects data from agents installed in your applications. Data is displayed in the Application Performance Dashboard. Predictive Insights analyzes data collected by the Performance Management (SaaS) agents, and learns the normal behavior of a system. It creates a performance model and uses it to detect or forecast behavior outside the modeled range, and generates alarms when anomalous behavior occurs. You can then view anomalies in the Application Performance Dashboard and drill-down to the Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights User Interface to view in more detail.

View a guided demo of how to identify Predictive Insights anomalies in the Performance Management Dashboard, and how to drill-down to the Predictive Insights Service Diagnosis view for further detail.

Click here for the Guided Demo

For more information about Predictive Insights, see the Predictive Insights Knowledge Center.
For more information about Performance Management (SaaS), see the Performance Management (SaaS) Knowledge Center.

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