Originally published here by Fran Martinez, May 25, 2015.

Thresholds are used to compare the sampled value of an attribute with the value set in the threshold. If the sampled value satisfies the comparison, an event is opened arriving to “Event Status”. The event closes automatically when the threshold comparison is no longer true.

it is what we called “situations” and they work in a similar way to the “private situations” in previous versions .

The thresholds running in an agent are included in a .xml file located in \localconfig with this name structure: pc_situations.xml being the two letters defining the code product, for example:

The thresholds for linux are included in: \localconfig\lz\lz_situations.xml
The thresholds for windows are included in: c:\IBM\APM\localconfig\nt\nt_situations.xml

NOTE: the name can not be changed.

This doc. Cover the creation of a new threshold to monitor if the “notepad” process is missed in a windows agent being monitored.

1. Open the APM UI : https://:9443

2. Click in “System Configuration” + “Thresholds Manager”

Threshold manager menu item

3. In our case, select “Data Source Type” = windows OS and click on “new” to create our threshold.

add threshold icon

4. Now , we have to set the name of our threshold, the severity, interval for testing of threshold (minimum 30 seconds, like the situation in ITM 6 ), the data set (it was called “attribute group” in ITM6)

threshold editor window

5. Clicking on “+” add our conditions and click ok.

add condition window

6. Select the group or groups where we want to distribute the threshold. In this example , we have one a group created “my components” which contains the windows agent to be monitoring.

group assignment field

NOTE: optionally , we can add a script or command to be execute on the monitored system when the threshold is true.

execute command field

7. click on “save”.

saved message

8. Going to the monitored system and opening the file c:\IBM\APM\localconfig\nt\nt_situations.xml we are going to find that the threshold (situation) was added to the file with this format:




Now , our threshold is already distributed and running.

9. Once we stop the “notepad” process the threshold is triggered and the event arrives to our APM UI.

event status

Thanks for reading, Fran.

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