Originally published here by Omkar Nimbalkar, September 16, 2015.

As part of my blog series on Best Operations Analytics for IBM Middleware – Try it to believe it! I will now cover the value of IBM’s IT Operations Analytics to IBM Application Performance Management clients.

IBM recently released IBM Application Performance Management (APM) 8.1.1, offered in SaaS, on premises and hybrid models. Read about it here. The Predictive Insights Accelerator for IBM Performance Management is also available, with support for the IBM Middleware portfolio including IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS), IBM MQ, and IBM Integration Bus (IIB). In this post, I want to discuss the importance of having an integrated flow between Performance Management and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA).

operations analytics dashboard

So what does this integration and acceleration mean?
Companies that are most effective at maintaining a well-run IT infrastructure are generally staffed by people with the ability and resources to answer key questions quickly.
•What caused the outage?
•Are my applications behaving normally?
•Which software versions cause the most outages?
•Am I getting more or fewer transactions through this version? What’s the trend and forecast?

When I visit with clients, I can see that their IT staff have the ability and knowledge to run their infrastructure but are facing increasing pressures: pressure to do more with fewer resources, to maintain control over a growing amount of hardware and software infrastructure, and to do both while meeting service level agreements and objectives. This pressure will manifest itself in questions or statements such as:
•I really don’t want the overhead of maintaining more tools.
•I don’t need another UI in another technology to maintain.
•How do I become proactive versus reactive?
•You need to tell me which metrics to analyze.

IT leaders have taken these concerns seriously, and the industry is taking steps to address them. When IBM released APM and Predictive Insights as a service, the analytics were built directly into the APM experience. That makes ITOA a seamless extension and integrated experience of our IT Service Management (ITSM). This kind of integration is one of our core principles.

IBM has also sought to replicate the advantages of SaaS, (the low configuration cost and integrated experience) with our on-premises offerings. Today you can create the same integrated Application Performance Management experience and flow with the new Predictive Insights accelerator. It collects monitoring metrics, analyzes this data and learns the normal behavior of these monitored systems. Metrics collected by APM are then compared to normal learned behavior and alarms generated for anomalous behavior. Anomalies are communicated to the Performance Management user through the Performance Management dashboard. Each anomaly is shown as an event associated with the affected application, group or component. You can then drill down to the IT Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights user interface to view more details for taking corrective actions.

event status

So keep the good IT operations people you have and enable them to answer those key questions faster. Adopt IBM Application Performance Management (APM) and IBM Operations Analytics to give them the tools to provide insights into your IT infrastructure across SaaS, on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. IBM IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is here to help!
Start your journey today by hearing about the future of APM from Gartner Inc in this short webcast.

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