Originally published here by Ankita Pandey and Chandra Mishra Neha, Nov 3, 2015.

new agents

IBM Application Performance Management (SaaS) just launched a new set of capabilities to improve your experience and support new monitoring coverage.

1. Website Monitoring on Cloud is a pure SaaS offering for monitoring the availability of your public Internet facing websites from multiple geographically distributed points-of-presence. Website Monitoring is built upon industry leading Selenium technology where you can record your synthetic transactions visually using a Firefox browser plugin. You can configure to playback these scripts using real browsers from multiple geographically distributed points-of-presence and get alert notifications in case of any issues. (How to Video)

2. Transaction tracking support for IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus to quickly isolate bottlenecks across IBM middleware components by visualizing the relationships and transaction flows between components and identifying hot spots. (How to Video)

3. New agents available for monitoring the health and performance of Cisco UCS, Microsoft Cluster, and SharePoint Server resources and more (Check out our coverage catalog)

4. IBM Alert Notification – You can now send notifications by Short Message Service (SMS) or voice. Contacts can select their preferred notification method from User Preferences. Notification policies are enhanced to include escalation notifications if an alert has not been acknowledged after a set period of time. The user interface has a new look and feel with extremely easy navigation. (How to Video)

5. Monitoring support for the IBM WebSphere(R) Application Server Liberty profile, IBM MQ Advanced, and Integration Bus, running in a Docker container, so that you can manage your applications across any application environment.

6. IBM Application Performance Management Advanced and IBM Application Diagnostics now offer the ability to perform a heap dump analysis by taking heap dump snap shots and analyzing the details.

7. Other key enhancements

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Author : Ankita Pandey

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