Originally published here by Stefan Gruszczynski, Nov 17, 2015.

Video instruction:


ITM/ITCAM v6 customers need a functionality of coexistence between ITMv6 agents and IPM v8 agents on the same system.


Provided dedicated image with IPM v8 agents, which installs its components in coexistence mode including:

-separate location for extracted & installed files on disk (Windows/AIX/Linux)
-separate registry settings for components registration(Windows)
-separate service names for configured agents (Windows)
-separate component on Add/Remove Programs list (Windows)
-removed symbolic links shared between v6 and v8 (Linux and AIX)

In 8.1.2 release:

Coexistence images will be delivered on demand for selected customers.
– for SaaS – coexistence images available for particular user subscription
– for onPremise – the LA process (Fix Central)

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