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IBM Performance Management forum – Week of Jan 23rd

Integration of PM with HP BSM

Hi, is there some experience integrating PM with HP BSM?, we can forward events to BSM? is necessary build or

use some available adapter or API?



APM 8.1.3 on cloud Weblogic Agent ERROR

I executed all the steps listed on Knowledge Center, but when agent executes and tries to query Weblogic this text is

displayed on Domain Admin Server log:

generated by the RMI server: weblogic.corba.cos.naming.NamingContextImpl.resolve

([Lorg.omg.CosNaming.NameComponent;) org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION:

User does not have permission on to perform lookup operation. vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 0 completed: No.

I enabled IIOP default user, added that user to Monitors Security Group, all steps from Knowledge Center.

¿Somebody had success on this task?

Thanks in advance



dwAnswers – Week of Jan 23rd

How do I build a threshold on any of the available attributes of the SN agent in IPM V8?

When building a threshold for the SN agent for monitoring response time I see no way to build a

threshold on any of the available attributes displayed by the UI for the SN agent.

Only “TRANNAME” is available and “TRANSTIME” and TRANSTIME aren’t even in the SN UI display.

I want the capability to build thresholds on “Avg Resp Time” and “Last Resp Time”.



Why is Linux monitoring agent not available in dashboard to add to APM 8.1.3 application?

We have APM 8.1.3 monitoring agent for Linux OS running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3. It is

running and shows as online in APM Dashboard under Advanced->Agent Configuration->Linux OS.

However, when we try to add Linux OS component to an Application in dashboard, the agent does not show up,

and cannot be added to the application. What could be causing this issue?


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