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IBM Performance Management forum – Week of Feb 6th

WebSphere Agent not showing up in dashboard


I tried installing the OS and WebSphere agent on a server with WebSphere Portal 8.5.

The OS agent connected and showed up in My Components just fine, but the WebSphere agent did not

and it is not displayed when trying to add it to an application. However, Resource group management shows an

entry for both WebSphere Agent and WebSphere Portal server.

The status shows the agent is running and is connected and the data collector has been configured,

WAS has been restarted and DC is running now.

Also, in the Agent configuration page in the Dashboard is says that DC is not enabled.

The logs do not seem to indicate any problem.

Any idea what can be the problem?


dwAnswers  – Week of Feb 6th

Why is IIB monitoring agent from APM 8.1.3 not staying up on AIX?

We have APM 8.1.3 monitoring agent for IIB Message broker configured on multiple AIX hosts.

On one of these servers, the IIB agent is shutting down shortly after being started. In the

agent log, host_qi_brkr_#.log, we see following messages. How can this problem be resolved?

  1. Thu Aug 18 21:08:43 PDT 2016 KQIA007E (kqiaexhd.003) Multiple exceptions have occurred. The exception described in the following message cannot be created.
  2. Thu Aug 18 21:08:43 PDT 2016 KQIA011E (kqiaexcp.001) Error allocating new storage for Multiple_exception_shutdown.



Why does my APM Agent Builder Agent not appear in My Components Dashboard?

Installed AB 6.3.4 (latest) K98 agent on RHEL 6.5 64bit APM V8.1.3 configuration. Agent starts.

No apparent errors in log file except for a number of HTTP 304 response codes. The agent appears in

Resource Groups with a valid “on premise” agent active, but the agent does not appear in Components on the Dashboard.



Why does my HTTP server core after installing the APM SaaS Monitoring Agent for HTTP Server v8.1.2?

Why does my HTTP server core after installing the APM SaaS Monitoring Agent for HTTP Server v8.1.2 ?

From Cinfo Installer Lvl:

hu Monitoring Agent for HTTP Server



APM 8: Installing DB2 in a non-default location

I’m trying to install the APM server. I want to install the server in /opt/apm and install DB2 in /db2. I have

modified install_dir/files/db2wse.rsp and overridden the apm.DFTDBPATH to be /db2/V10.5,

and have added apm.DIAGPATH=/db2/db2dump. However, when I run the install, the database gets

installed in /home/db2apm. How can I override this behavior?



Can I customize the name displayed for discovered services in APM transaction topology widget?

We have APM 8.1.3 IIB monitoring agent. In the dashboard, we noticed that some of the discovered

relationships are enumerated as ip addresses and port numbers, they’re not monitored but I’d like

to rename them in the transaction topology so they’d have names that make sense to someone viewing them. Is this possible?

alt text

Not Answered yet:


How to use APIs (thresholds & RBAC) in APM 8

I dont plan on making use of APIs using OIDC token. Can you please let me know how can we achieve the same

outcome using basic auth?

Once we get basic auth working, our strategic direction is to use the internal dataPower API manager to access

thresholds & RBAC



APM does not install when 8.3 short file name support is disabled

Why does the APM agent installation fail when support for 8.3 short file name is disabled?



How do I build a threshold on any of the available attributes of the SN agent in IPM V8?

When building a threshold for the SN agent for monitoring response time I see no way build a threshold on

any of the available attributes display by the UI for the SN agent. Only “TRANNAME” is availble and
“TRANSTIME” and TRANSTIME isn’t even is the SN UI display.

I want the capability of building thresholds on “Avg Resp Time” and “Last Resp Time”.



How do the OMNIBUS APM triggers works?

May I have an explanation of how the OMNIBUS APM triggers work for closing events generated by thresholds

with DisplayItems and subnodes?


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