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IBM Performance Management forum – Week of Mar 13th

APM Trial – Synthetic Playback Agent
I have a synthetic playback agent installed and configured to
run a selenium script I generated to run against a target web site.

The agent appears as a resource in Resource Groups. It appears in
the UI in “My Transactions” and the script name appears “Synthetic Transactions”.

However there is no response time data in the UI.

dwAnswers – Week of Mar 13th

Why is IPM 8.1.3 Attribute Details showing less data than requested for an attribute group?

In Attribute Details tab of an agent overview page,
the data rows are being displayed for shorter period than selected.
For example, when we select 12 hours of data for a dataset (attribute group),
2 hours of data is displayed. This problem is occurring for only some
of the data sets for this agent, other data sets are showing rows for 12 hours of data.

What is causing this problem?

How to resolve APM 813 Server install hanging on Starting service spark

When trying to install APM 813 Server, install is stopping at “Starting service spark”

Why is Synthetic Playback agent (sn) not appearing on APM dashboard?

We are running Synthetic Playback agent from APM 8.1.3.
sn Monitoring Agent for Synthetic Playback lx8266 201608232457 20170130 0930 0
ibmhost1 sn 12014 root 09:40 None …running

But the agent is not appearing in the APM Dashboard. How can we troubleshoot this?

IPM V8.1.3 Server restarted and DB2 does not start due to SQL1641N error

Upon restart of the IPM V8.1.3 Server, DB2 does not start and the following error is generated,
12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] SQL1641N The db2start command failed because one or more DB2 database
manager program files was prevented from executing with root privileges by file system mount settings.

Thu Mar 16 12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] Disabled automatic restart for db2

Thu Mar 16 12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] Service db2 failed to start.

Thu Mar 16 12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] Service ksy is stopped.

Thu Mar 16 12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] Starting service ksy

Thu Mar 16 12:40:20 MDT 2017 [16425] Service db2 is stopped.

Thu Mar 16 12:40:50 MDT 2017 [16425] Service db2 is stopped.

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