Originally published here by Alexandra Thornton, April 29, 2016.

When I was a child, my uncle suffered a stroke which left him with only 3 of his 4 quadrants of vision. He described seeing seagulls walking along with no heads, just a blank where the head should be, and other nonsensical but evocative images. Over time his brain compensated and filled in the blank space until eventually he could see the full picture again.

In the latest release of IBM Performance Management (and On Premises V8.1.3), we’ve added monitoring for DataPower appliances to IBM’s integration stack so that you too can see the full picture.

When you have enabled the IBM integration stack, which can include IBM Integration Bus, IBM MQ and IBM DataPower, you will see information from the middleware components in the topologies and middleware pages. In the topologies, you can see interactions between middleware components.

APM topology

For the middleware components, you can also see service dependencies and transaction dependencies for a resource and the properties, average transaction response and render times for each interval for uninstrumented services.

Node properties window

To help you analyse errors you can see the users who are having the worst experience, and drilldown into an error. You can also see which client is using the application the most and analyse its instances.

transactions and service dependencies

So now your middleware monitoring won’t be nonsensical!


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