Paul, the owner of a frozen food packaging company which is based out of Texas, is a very ambitious entrepreneur. His business is doing well and his plans are to expand his business overseas. For seamless running of his supply chain and foster teamwork, his company uses the Microsoft Office 365 application. He understands that all the subscriptions of Microsoft Office 365 must function effortlessly for his business to excel internationally.

So, he arranged a meeting with his techie, Ryan, who manages his IT infrastructure. Ryan emphasized that to ensure smooth functioning of all subscriptions of the Microsoft Office 365, they must constantly monitor all these subscriptions to prevent critical failures. Ryan researched the internet for a software application that would monitor Office 365 subscriptions, such as Exchange On-Line, SharePoint On-Line, Skype for Business, Lync Online and so on. He was looking for something that would alert him about any critical situations so that he could avoid them; and voila, he hit upon the Microsoft Office 365 agent, a product of the IBM® Cloud Application Performance Management product suite.

After a lot of research, Ryan concluded that the Office 365 agent is just the perfect tool for monitoring the Microsoft Office 365. He explained to Paul that this IBM product will definitely help them answer the following questions about Office 365:

  • Are all Office 365 cloud based services that are subscribed by the organization running as expected?
  • How many subscribed Office 365 services are in the restoring or degraded state?
  • How many Office 365 mailboxes are not reachable?
  • How many audio call, video call, application sharing parameters has exceeded the threshold?
  • Has the storage and resource utilization of SharePoint sites exceeded the threshold limit?
  • What are incidents that Microsoft has logged for the services?
  • What is the network speed for uploading and downloading to OneDrive and SharePoint sites?
  • How many OneDrive users are exceeding the thresholds for the allocated OneDrive space?
  • How many Exchange users are exceeding the thresholds for the allocated mailbox space?

Ryan further said that the IBM Performance Management dashboard, displays alerts and warnings whenever the values for different Office 365 parameters exceed threshold limits. They can use this data to identify the root cause of issues in Office 365 instances, and take necessary actions to rectify these issues.

For example, the “Office 365” group widget shows that some of the mailboxes are in critical state. Click anywhere in the group widget to get detailed information about the status and performance of these mailboxes.

The “Mailbox Reachability Details” widget shows that the “” mailbox is in the critical state. Click the mailbox to navigate to the “Mailbox Reachability Details” dashboard.

The “Mailbox Reachability Details” dashboard shows details of various parameters that affect the performance of the mailbox and might be responsible for its critical status.

Paul has all his plans laid out to grow his company globally, won’t you follow suit with IBM’s Office 365 monitoring agent?

To learn more about the performance monitoring capabilities of the Office 365 agent, visit the IBM Cloud Application Performance Management Knowledge Center.

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