Are you a developer who writes and deploys your application on IBM Bluemix? If so, we have great news for you- APM now supports Bluemix application monitoring!

By using the data collectors for Bluemix applications, you are provided with visibility and control of your Bluemix applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficient use of resources. You can reduce and prevent application crashes and slowdowns around the clock, as the data collector assists you in detecting, diagnosing and isolating performance issues.

In APM v8.1.3.2, the following data collectors are provided:

  • Bluemix Data Collector for Liberty Applications
  • Bluemix Data Collector for Node.js Applications
  • Bluemix Data Collector for Python Applications
  • Bluemix Data Collector for Ruby Applications
  • Both resource monitoring and deep-dive diagnostics capabilities are provided in V8.1.3.2. To enable these capabilities, you only need to download the data collector package and complete several configuration tasks according to your needs. For more information, see our Knowledge Center topic Configuring the data collecors for Bluemix applications.

    After the configuration tasks are completed, the data collectors are added to your application and are able to communicate with the APM server. All you need to do after that is to add the component to your APM console according to your application type, just like you did for other agents in the APM console. The following components in the red square are open for selection:

    Sounds interesting and want to have a try? Sign up for free trial or watch our live demo of APM on IBM Marketplace now!

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