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IBM Performance Management forum – Week of Apr 10th

Issue with enabling HTTPS monitoring import Keystore

Hello All,
There are IIS web-server, and .Net application. I have successfully configured those agents. Istalled Responce Time Agent and see http transactions

However I’am trying to configure the https transactions monitoring and stuck on the step while import the Keyfile in IBM Key Management (iKeyman)

According the documentation I have passed all steps untill 5. e)

After that was entered the password from Keystore file key.kdb I got error message “The source keystore is empty” (Error code 106):

SaaS: New WAS version installed on new server. Same host but different IP. Can we change the agents instance name?


We are currently preparing to migrate WAS and IHS to later version and these are installed on new pre-prod servers while the existing old WAS/IHS are running in parallel.

These new pre-prod servers’ hostnames are exactly the same as the prod servers except that they have different IP addresses.

While attempting to install the Linux, WAS and IHS agents on this new pre-prod server, we noticed that the instance name of the agent e.g. host1:LZ was automatically set and that conflicts with the existing prod server setup.

So in the GUI, when I click on the existing host1:LZ, it is pointing to the new pre-prod server instead of the prod server.


1. Is there anyway to define the agents’ instance name during installation? e.g. instead of auto-picking up the hostname and name it {hostname}:LZ, can I define a new name e.g. {hostname-new}:LZ? I suspect the same problem will appear for the rest of the WAS and IHS agents.

2. Or is there a better way for handling such ‘migration’ e.g. create a APM SaaS trial instance, have everything configured the same as the existing prod envt, and then upon the cutover day, update global.environment file to point to the APM SaaS production instance instead? Is this the only file that needs to be updated?

Option 2 would have been a preferred option though as we want to retain the hostname as the instance name during the cutover.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Is it possible to edit APM_Agent_Offline alert?

I have some offline agents in Performance Management console, is it possible to clear them?

dwAnswers – Week of Apr 10th

APM V8.1.3. Server user names

Can the APM V8.1.3. Server user names be changed from the defaults?

Usage of APM databases

As far as we know there are 3 databases for APM: Datamart, Warehous, and SCR32.
What are their usage?
What are the data stored inside and what are their usage?

Permission of the itmuser for APM databases

What are the minimum permission/privilege required by itmuser for the Datamart, Warehous, and SCR32 databases?

APM 8.1.3: DB2 levels

What are the DB2 levels that are supported by APM8.1.3?

Is it possible to connect 2 hybrid gateways to the same APM server ?

Is it possible to connect 2 hybrid gateways to the same APM server ?

I applied the IF9 on my APM 8.1.3 server but the patch logs indicates it fails.

I have applied Interim fix on my APM server. When the patch completes I see the following in the apmpatch.log that the patched failed. How do I correct this problem?

017/04/13 17:33:18 Running ./patches/ PREPARE 2017/04/13 17:33:18 Cannot back up original /opt/ibm/dtl/datalayer/cron/datamart.env. 2017/04/13 17:33:18 output: cp: cannot stat `/opt/ibm/dtl/datalayer/cron/datamart.env’: No such file or directory 2017/04/13 17:33:18 Non-zero return code 1 running component script ./patches/ PREPARE. 2017/04/13 17:33:18 Message: PMP0014E Component patch data-layer-scripts Environment validation failed.

2017/04/13 18:02:50 Message: PMP0018I For more detailed information, see log file /opt/ibm/ccm/logs/apmpatch.log. 2017/04/13 18:02:51 Message: PMP0019I 14 new component patches installed. 2017/04/13 18:02:51 Message: PMP0020I 7 component patches skipped because they are already installed. 2017/04/13 18:02:51 Message: PMP0021I 1 component patches failed to install. 2017/04/13 18:02:51 Message: PMP0022I Finished processing interim fix

After installing the Hybrid Gateway, I can see most agents but some agent types are missing?

I installed my Hybrid Gateway successfully and I can see most of my agent in the APM UI, but some agent types are missing. The windows agents and DB2 agents are visible in the APM UI but my HTTP agent is not. What is the problem? Could it be that the agent is not available any more?

Does port 5457 need to communicate through a firewall for IBM Performance Management 8.1.3?

I saw the response to “Which firewall ports are to be opened for IBM Monitoring 8.1.3?”. I also saw port 5457 mentioned at Will 5457 need to communicate through a firewall?

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