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IBM Performance Management forum – Week of Apr 17th

Selenium script with “Element is not visible” error messagefor Synthetic playback agent

Hi, I had build a test suite including some test cases to monitor APM dashboard performance with selenium IDE, it runs fine in selenium IDE, but fails with exception “Element is not currently visible and so may not be interacted with” on Synthetic agent.

I had tried to add action likes Pause,WaitforElementpresent, waitforvisible, but not successed. Maybe as following the document: but I dont know what the target for RunScript should be, so I was blocked here. I would be very appreciated on your helps. The test case is attached on.

Overhead the agents on system

Hi, Can you please inform which affect on system doing agents? (CPU/memory/and other)
Interesting the folowing agents:

  • NET agent
  • IIS-agent
  • Responce time monitoring agent

dwAnswers – Week of Apr 17th

Does Websphere agent 8.1.3 data collector communicate with ITCAM managing server?

My monitoring environment is still ITM-based. I have APM 8.1.3 installed for limited uses but have a need to expand to incorporate WebSphere Application Server monitoring. I have ITCAM data collectors installed, so I know I need to upgrade the data collectors before I’ll be able to see their data in APM. However, I would still like to have this data available in our ITCAM managing server interface. Will the 8.1.3 Websphere agent send data to the managing server?

Synthetic Playback agent, is there a limit to the number of sites it can monitor?

I need to monitor 100+ sites with the Synthetic Playback agent, are there any limits to the number of sites it can handle?

Does Synthetic playback agent from IPM 8.1.3 support selenium scripts that use pac files?
We have Synthetic Playback agent from IPM 8.1.3 running.
Can the agent play back selenium IDE scripts with PAC files?

Is it possible as an admin, to see who is logged in to APM on-prem?

Is it possible as an admin, to see who is logged in to APM on-prem? With ITM, I have a panel (query) that shows users logged in. Is there an APM command I can run to see users currently logged in to the APM UI?

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