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IBM Application Performance Management forum – Week of May 15th

How could I monitor WebSphere Liberty application on Bluemix with APMSaaS?

Hi all. We all know there’re some monitoring alternatives like Monitoring & Analytics + Availability Monitoring in Bluemix public.

But to perform diagnostics and in-depth analysis for application, currently we should use APMSaaS. – APM advanced.

How could I set up APM advanced for WebSphere Liberty instances? Any documentation? Thank you.

Monitoring Cisco ASA firewalls

Hi Team, Is it possible to monitor cisco ASA firewalls with APM? like Monitoring Status, memory, logs …etc?

APM Synthetic Transaction SubTramsaction not sent in EIF Alarm

Hello, We are doing a transaction every 5 minutes against a full selenium test suite. Everything is cool. We also did configure a threshold that if the PGOOD (Percent Good) is less than 100% 2 times in a row, it does send an alarm to OMNIbus through eif.

But our problem is that we only have the name of the whole transaction, we do not have the failing(s) subtransaction(s) in the eif alarm. This is quite a problem since our support team receive the alarm that “there is something that failed in transaction”, but without details of what is failing (which portion of transaction).

We would need that all the subtransactions status would be sent in the eif alarm, so we could attach that to the OMNIbus alarm. This is obviously not the case.

One solution would be to use Impact to “enrich” the transaction failed alarm by getting the subtransactions list from APM rest interface, but there is no indication on how we could do this.
Any of you have any idea of how to do this? Thanks

dwAnswers – Week of May 15th

Why are many apm 8.1.3 IIB (kqi) agent instances on one host showing offline?

We have APM 8.1.3 installation. On one Linux host, we have configured several IIB monitoring agents to monitor message brokers. Agents were showing online and working fine for first week, but then some of the agents started showing offline in APM dashboard. From cinfo we can see that the agent processes are running. Why is dashboard now showing the agents offline?

Missing ITM data in APM when using the Hybrid Gateway

I’m using the Hybrid Gateway to view monitoring data from LZ UX and NT agents from my ITM environment. On a fairly regular basis, I have missing data in the APM views. I’m seeing errors in the message.log and console.log.

[WARNING ] Actual polling interval, 751847 ms, exceeded configured polling interval, 300000 ms [WARNING ] Actual polling interval, 502123 ms, exceeded configured polling interval, 300000 ms

[WARNING ] ID:-1158454794 TimeoutException occurred in http request:DELETE

Is there any debug I can turn on, or tuning I can do at the TEPS?

Why is Linux monitoring agent not available in dashboard to add to APM 8.1.3 application?

We have APM 8.1.3 monitoring agent for Linux OS running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3. It is running and shows as online in APM Dashboard under Advanced->Agent Configuration->Linux OS.

However, when we try to add Linux OS component to an Application in dashboard, the agent does not show up, and cannot be added to the application. What could be causing this issue?

How to create Log File monitoring alerts

I’m trying to understand how I can create an alert with the log files function os the OS agents. I could create the .conf and .fmt files and distribute them, and I can show the messages in the dashboard. But I don’t understand how I can use this information to create an alert with a threshold. For instance, How can I create an alert when a error message appears ? How can I delete this alert since there is no delete action in the events dashboard.

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