IBM Cloud Application Performance Management, Advanced Private V8.1.4 provides the standalone data collectors for monitoring the following applications on Bluemix, on premises, or both:

  • Java applications (on premises)
  • WebSphere Liberty (Bluemix and on premises)
  • Node.js applications (Bluemix and on premises)
  • Python applications (Bluemix and on premises)
  • Ruby applications (Bluemix)

Using the standalone data collector means you can skip the installation procedure and directly deploy the data collector to your applications. To get started with these standalone data collectors, the following steps are required:

  1. Download the data collector package for the target system from Passport Advantage. The package name starts with the string ‘apm_datacollectors’. For part numbers to be used for each operating system, see Part numbers.
  2. Configure the data collector package with the and scripts on the system where the Cloud APM server is installed. If you are not familiar with this step, see the detailed instructions as documented in Configuring the installation images.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Configuring your environment section in the Cloud APM Knowledge Center to deploy the data collector for your applications. Different procedures are provided depending on the type of application and the environment where the application is running.

To decide whether to use a standalone data collector or the traditional monitoring agent, check some guidelines at Agents and data collectors. For capabilities provided by each data collector, see Capabilities.

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