Originally published here by Ray Stoner, Aug 22, 2017.

It’s no fun having to move around a 1 +GB software package which contains agent images you do not necessarily need to deploy. Whether you’re doing manual installations or utilizing a remote deploy / silent install solution, the following instructions can reduce the size of the configured APM agent bundles and greatly reduce the time spent moving the images to the target machine(s). This procedure has been tested with IBM Performance Management v8.1.3 and IBM Application Perforkmacs Mnagement Advanced v8.1.4. Both SaaS and On-Prem agent installation packages have been tested. You can customize as many different agent bundles as you need in your environment. As always you will want to test your created bundle before deployment to numerous machines. By default is selected at installation the agent bundles are located in /opt/ibm/ccm/depot on your APM server.

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