The paradox of choice is a common phenomena in our modern world. Too many options sometimes make it difficult to choose. If you’re stuck deciding whether to deploy agents or data collectors to monitor your resources, read on to discover the best choice for your environment.

IBM® Cloud Application Performance Management agents and data collectors are available in offerings and add-ons.

Many resources in your environment can be monitored by agents. Some resources on IBM Bluemix and on premises can be monitored by data collectors. Corresponding agents exist for all data collectors, except the J2SE and Python data collectors. You can install these agents or data collectors, depending on your environment and requirements.

Data collectors send data directly to the Cloud APM server. When an agent is configured, data collectors send data to the agent, which forwards it to the server. Data collectors operate within the application process space, whereas agents run as a separate process outside the application process space.

Install data collectors in the following situations:

  • You want a simpler installation process.
  • You use containers.

Install agents in the following situations:

  • You want greater scalability.
  • You want to limit sockets from end points to the server.
  • When you add a threshold in the threshold editor, you want a clear list, which contains only the attributes for the environment you want to monitor. If you use a data collector, you must choose from the attributes of several data collectors.
  • You want to turn on or off some of the data collection functions on the UI, such as diagnostics, transaction tracking, or method trace.
  • You want to view on-demand diagnostics data, such as in-flight requests and heap dump at the current time.

Now that you’ve decided which option suits your environment and monitoring needs, learn more about about deploying agents and data collectors here.

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