The Santa Cloud APM release arrived in Santa’s sleigh in December 2017. The sleigh was full of new Cloud APM stockings. Why not wear one of these stockings this new year!

One of your new year goals…how to become more…the new Monitoring Agent for InfoSphere DataStage monitors the health, availability, resource usage, and performance of your DataStage® server resources. This new agent also supports remote monitoring.

Another new year goal…be more adventurous…implement one (some) of the many agent enhancements that the Cloud APM release includes:

  • The Monitoring Agent for Hadoop has support added for monitoring a Hadoop cluster that is secured with the Kerberos SPENGO-based authentication, which uses Active Directory Key Distribution Center (KDC). Support was also added for monitoring the Cloudera CDH 5.10 and CDH 5.11 Hadoop offerings and support was added for monitoring the status of Hadoop services, such as Flume, Kafka, Titan, Spark, Knox, Pig, Slider, and Solr.
  • The Monitoring Agent for MongoDB and the Monitoring Agent for PostgreSQL now support remote monitoring.
  • Transaction tracking support for Linux for Power Systems (Little Endian) and for Linux for System z was added to the Monitoring Agent for WebSphere® Applications.
  • Tolerance support for SQL Server 2017 was added to the Monitoring Agent for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Tolerance support for the information schema tables being migrated to performance schema was added to the Monitoring Agent for MySQL.

We also have some exciting Liberty and J2SE data collector enhancements such as the J2SE data collector now supporting transaction tracking for J2SE applications.

So, if you are just about ready to implement your new year resolutions, how about starting with a great user experience with some of these new Cloud APM functions, see the What’s new for more information.

Then, go ahead and download the agents (including the new agent) and data collectors that you want. For instructions, see the Downloading your agents and data collectors IBM® Knowledge Center topic.

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