As a developer, progressing from development to production, you are faced with a lot of questions and obstacles along the route. It brings to mind, the expression; “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy!

However, with the availability of IBM Cloud Application Performance Management, the proliferation of free monitoring, stand-alone tools, and IBM’s open source data collectors, it just couldn’t be easier. Consider what can be done by simply inserting the free data collector into your application or microservice:

Simple Web Browser Viewing – when developing your application

  • View your metrics without any monitoring server or configuration.
  • View your microservice metrics immediately with a simple web browser.

Deep Application Monitoring with APM – for production use

  • Complete visibility into the response time, dependent APIs, root cause isolation and transaction tracking across all your applications.
  • Capability to baseline applications in their legacy environment before and also along the modernization journey to the Cloud.
  • Access to a myriad of traditional agents to monitor the legacy infrastructure and Middleware components.
  • Available with a simple configuration change, and no code changes in your application.

You can access the FREE open source data collectors that IBM provides, and put your mind at rest even more as you ask these questions…

  1. How is my container performing?

    As a Developer, you can attach to the microservice directly that you are developing to get monitoring information (application metrics) without the need for any instrumentation.

  2. Does my code update use more compute resources than the previous?

    You can configure the SAME microservice data collector to send metrics to basic monitoring solutions so that a team working with free monitoring tools can view metrics for multiple instances over time.

  3. Is my service available and responsive? How are the dependencies performing?

    You can reconfigure (system or application-wide) the SAME microservice data collector to send metrics, transactions, and diagnostic data to APM.

For more information about downloading the free data collectors, see:

On Premises customers:
Downloading from Passport Advantage and Part numbers

Cloud customers:
Downloading and configuring a data collector

Technical contributors: Michael Kaczmarski, Randy George

2 comments on"Moving to production with IBM’s FREE runtime data collectors and the IBM Cloud Application Performance Management offering"

  1. Jeff Donald March 28, 2018

    Where does one find these “free” open source data collectors to download and use? I didn’t see a link in the blog post.

    • CarmelBurgess March 29, 2018

      Hi Jeff, great question, I updated the blog with links. I hope that helps!

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