No matter how long the Winter is, Spring is sure to follow bringing new life to your Cloud APM environments. The latest IBM® Cloud APM refreshes deliver one new agent, many agent enhancements, and a couple of data collector enhancements.

Monitoring Agent for AWS Elastic Load Balancer

A sign that Spring has sprung… The new Amazon ELB agent provides you with a central point of monitoring for the health, availability, and performance of your AWS Elastic Load Balancers.

Agent and data collector enhancements

To mention a couple of agent enhancements, the IBM HTTP Server Response Time Module, which is a component of the Response Time Monitoring Agent is now supporting IBM HTTP Server version 7, 8, and 9 on Windows. The Monitoring Agent for Skype for Business Server now supports Windows Server 2016. Also blooming this Spring are some Node.js and J2SE data collector enhancements.

So why don’t you hop into Spring? Find out more information about the agent and data collector enhancements in the following IBM® Knowledge Center topics:

Download the latest agents (including the new agent) and data collectors from Marketplace. For instructions, see the Downloading your agents and data collectors Cloud APM Knowledge Center topic.

Download the latest Cloud APM, Private component(s) from passport advantage. For instructions, see the Downloading from Passport Advantage Cloud APM, Private V8.1.4 Knowledge Center topic.

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