So, what’s new for IBM Cloud App Management (ICAM) Version 2019.2.1?

IBM Cloud App Management version 2019.2.1 now provides Red Hat OpenShift support, integration with IBM Multicloud Manager, and Cloud App Management has achieved IBM certified container status. Additionally, you can deploy IBM Cloud App Management in a high availability environment and support has been added for Real User Monitoring (RUM).

Here are the main features and components of the release:

  • Red Hat OpenShift support
    You can deploy Cloud App Management running on IBM® Cloud Private with Red Hat OpenShift.
  • IBM certified container
    Cloud App Management has achieved IBM certified container status. This ensures that Cloud App Management meets the enhanced enterprise-grade criteria for security, integration, and workload availability.
  • IBM Multicloud Manager
    Cloud App Management can be integrated with IBM Multicloud Manager. IBM Multicloud Manager allows you to effectively manage multiple cloud environments (public or private) as if they were a single environment.
  • High availability
    Cloud App Management can now be deployed in a high availability environment.
  • Backup and restore
    You can now backup and restore your workload.
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
    Cloud App Management has added the support of RUM that collects data on how actual users are interacting with and experiencing web applications. It is achieved through instrumenting the application and injecting code on the page to collect metrics. You can enable RUM for the Liberty data collector.
  • Event enrichment using lookup tables
    You can use lookup tables to enrich events by correlating attributes in the events with corresponding attributes in the lookup table. Event policies can contain multiple lookup tables.
  • Enhanced event forwarding to Netcool/OMNIbus
    You can forward events from Cloud App Management to Netcool/OMNIbus with the IBM Secure Gateway and enhanced event policies.
  • Integrate with VMware vSphere (Cloud App Management advanced only)
    You can set up VMware vSphere as an event source in Cloud App Management advanced, and start receiving notifications created by VMware vSphere.
  • Enhanced integration with Microsoft Azure (IBM Cloud App Management, Advanced only)
    Azure Log Alert – Log Analytics is now supported in the integration with IBM Cloud App Management, Advanced.

New agents and data collectors

  • SAP HANA Database agent
    The Monitoring Agent for SAP HANA Database monitors availability, resource usage, and performance of the SAP HANA database. It can monitor HANA deployment scenarios such as single host – single database, single host – multiple tenant databases, multiple hosts – single database, and multiple hosts – multiple tenant databases. You can analyze the information that the agent collects and take appropriate actions to resolve issues in the SAP HANA Database.
  • WebSphere® Infrastructure Manager agent
    The Monitoring Agent for WebSphere Infrastructure Manager monitors the performance of WebSphere Deployment Manager and Node Agent. The WebSphere Infrastructure Manager agent is a multiple instance agent. You must create the first instance and start the agent manually.
  • Python data collector
    The Data Collector for Python monitors your Django based Python applications. Through detecting, diagnosing, and isolating performance issues, the Python data collector helps you ensure optimal performance and efficient use of resources, reduce, and prevent application crashes and slowdowns around the clock.

Enhanced agents and data collectors

  • IBM Integration Bus agent
    Added tolerance support to monitor IBM App Connect Enterprise V11.
  • J2SE data collector
    Added the support of showing metrics for golden signal data including request data.
  • Liberty data collector
    Real User Monitoring(RUM) can be enabled for the Liberty data collector to passively collect data about how actual users interact with and experience web applications.

Expanded platform support for agents

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8

The following Data Center Resource Agents now support RHEL 8. Before installing agents on RHEL 8, be sure to read the Specific operating systems section of Preinstallation on Linux systems.

RHEL 8 on x86-64 (64 bit)

  • Db2® agent
  • HTTP Server agent
  • Linux KVM agent
  • Linux OS agent
  • SAP agent
  • SAP HANA Database agent
  • Tomcat agent
  • VMware VI agent
  • WebSphere Applications agent
  • WebSphere MQ agent

RHEL 8 on System z

  • Db2 agent
  • HTTP Server agent
  • Linux KVM agent
  • Linux OS agent
  • WebSphere Applications agent
  • WebSphere MQ agent

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