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IBM’s application performance management (APM) dashboard, IBM Cloud Application Business Insights keeps getting better with added capabilities and enhancements built on top of the existing features that were announced earlier this year in April.

IBM Cloud Application Business Insights helps you to quickly build custom dashboards with an interactive and modern, user interface (UI). It’s drag-and-drop, easy-to-use, features provide effective data visualization and analysis capabilities to LOB heads, IT Managers and users.

With IBM Cloud Application Business Insights creating a customized dashboard is a 3 step process:

  1. Select a layout from either a default list of templates or create a new custom layout.
  2. Select a data widget from an already created library of widgets that your organization has created or create a new widget in minutes.
  3. Publish your new dashboard!

That’s it. No coding skills required!

You asked and we delivered..

With this Sept release IBM has added the following capabilities:

  • Real time data visualization – See real time data on your charts. Screen refreshes automatically to show current data so you never miss a beat!
  • Background image for dashboard and widgets. – Display a background image like a map or facility layout which can be overlaid with data to help visualize the performance and availability of what you are managing

  • Launch in context to and from ICABI – Launch into a different product/tool in context. Users can also share a static or dynamic URL of an ICABI dashboard for an external application to launch into ICABI.
  • Tree ands Topology charts. – Find potential problems faster: Tree – Show hierarchical data in the form of a tree, with features like color indicators on nodes, to provide easy insights into rendered data. Topology – Illustrate network like graphs with distributed nodes and their relation with one another
  • Embed ICABI in external application, and vice versa. – Allows user to embed an external URL within a widget of ICABI dashboard. On preview or publish, the external website page is displayed within the dashboard. Allows for seamless integration with existing solutions
  • ICP/OpenShift support with containerized deployment on Kubernetes. – Containerized deployment of ICABI with support for APM, ITM and ICAM connectors in HA mode (supported through Kubernetes), on ICP/OpenShift Containerized deployment of ICABI’s DB component and NiFi based connectors, in Single Node mode (non-HA) on ICP/OpenShift
  • Dash Integration – add an ICABI dashboard inside DASH! If you are an IBM DASH user you can have the best of both!
  • Out of the box widget library- Allows for quick dashboard creation with some of our most popular APM data. Get started quickly with these out of the box widgets!
  • New Connectors –Prometheus, Apache Druid, Apache Hbase, and Apache Hive. You asked for them and here they are! You know have even more choices to the type of data you can connect to.

In addition to these new features IBM has added lots of under the cover enhancements to make IBM Cloud Application Business Insights faster and easier to use.

Check this video to explore how to create self-service dashboards using IBM Cloud Application Business Insights.
Get started to take advantage of these new features.
Happy Dashboarding!!

Blog Author: Anthony Spina

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