Data retention refers to the number of days that data samples are saved for viewing in the Resources dashboards. The default setting is 8 days. You can configure a different data retention setting during Cloud App Management server installation or upgrade.

Summarizing data enables you to perform historical analysis of data over time, examine trends, and do high level capacity planning. During Cloud App Management server installation or upgrade, you can enable summarization for agents that support it. The following agents support summarization for a limited set of metrics:

  • Linux KVM agent
  • Linux OS agent
  • UNIX OS agent
  • VMware VI agent

The Cloud App Management console dashboards automatically present the correct visualization of the data based on the available summarized metrics and the time span chosen in the Events timeline. Regardless of the retention period that you can choose for hourly and daily summarizations, the metrics that can be summarized cannot be changed.

For more information, see Data retention and summarization in IBM Knowledge Center.

To get a list of the metrics that can be retained and summarized for each agent, download the ICAM Metric Summarization spreadsheet from developerWorks.


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