The number of agents and data collectors that can be supported by a Cloud APM server depends on the type of agents and data collectors being monitored. The number of data rows generated can vary widely based on the specific monitored environment or workload.

To help you estimate the number of rows per minute for your monitored environment, we provide 2 documents:

The Prefetch DB worksheets include the data set information for more than 50 different types of agents and data collectors, and enables you to perform “what-if” exercises to see the database load for different agent and data collector environments. In the worksheet, you specify the number of each agent and data collector type in your environment, and it displays total load projections and projections for each agent or data collector type. For some agent and data collector types where the number of rows is particularly sensitive to the environment or workload, a separate “Size parameter” (such as WebSphere MQ queue count) allows you to specify the number of rows per interval for any of the data sets to better reflect your monitored environment.

The MongoDB and Datamart DBs worksheet enables you to estimate the disk space and data volume for the MongoDB and Datamart databases.

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