Tivoli Monitoring agents

If your managed environment has a combination of IBM Tivoli Monitoring and ITCAM products, and Cloud APM agents, you can install the Hybrid Gateway to provide a consolidated view of these managed systems in the Cloud APM console.

The following Tivoli Monitoring agents are available through the Hybrid Gateway. With the exception of the iOS agent, all supported Tivoli Monitoring agents have a Cloud APM V8 equivalent.

Product name  Product Code Supported Version
IBM iOS agent KA4 v6.30: and later
ITCAM for Microsoft Applications: Microsoft SQL Server agent KOQ, or later
ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications KYN 07.20.00
ITCAM Extended Agent for Oracle Database KRZ
ITCAM Agent for DB2 KUD 07.10.00
IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Linux OS Agent KLZ v6.2.3: and later

v6.3.0: and later

IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Windows OS Agent KNT v6.2.3: and later

v6.3.0: and later

IBM Tivoli Monitoring: UNIX OS Agent KUX v6.2.3: and later

v6.3.0: and later

ITCAM Agent for WebSphere MQ1 KMQ 07.10.01
ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Message Broker1 KQI 07.10.01

1Not available if you are using the Cloud APM, Base offering. For a list of agents in the Cloud APM, Base and Advanced offerings, see the Capabilities (SaaS) or the Capabilities (On Premises) Knowledge Center topics.


For a list of OMEGAMON agents that you can display in the Cloud APM console, see the Getting started topic for your release in the IBM OMEGAMON® for Application Performance Management topic collection on IBM Knowledge Center.

Hybrid Gateway installation

For details on installing and configuring the Hybrid Gateway, see one of the following topics:

2 comments on"Hybrid Gateway supported agents"

  1. Are ITM v6 Sybase Agent and VIOS agent supported in Hybrid gateway? Customer wish to see ITM v6 Sybase Agent and VIOS agent details in APM v8 dashboard as consolidated view.

  2. Those agents aren’t supported with Hybrid Gateway at this time.

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