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Build a microservices-based back end for a web app with IBM Cloud Satellite

With IBM Cloud Satellite, you can consume IBM Cloud services anywhere, in your own data center or even using infrastructure from another cloud provider. In this Think 2021 Master Class, we explore how to provision a new location outside of IBM Cloud, create Red Hat OpenShift clusters on the IBM Cloud Satellite location, and deploy a sample microservice app on the cluster. You can also use IBM Cloud Satellite Links and IBM Cloud Monitoring to understand data traffic from your satellite location, and use configurations to deploy multiple versions to other locations.

Introduction: How IBM Cloud Satellite fits into your hybrid cloud architecture

Understand how IBM Cloud Satellite can help you set up a public cloud environment anywhere with a single management pane to control ownership, operation, and governance.

Setting up an IBM Cloud Satellite location on AWS

In this demo, learn how to set up an IBM Cloud Satellite location on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by inputting the credentials and defining the orchestration service on OpenShift.

Configuring IBM Cloud Satellite

See the steps involved in configuring the environment and staging the application on a cluster group. Understand how you can duplicate a container image to update the application, and deploy and run it.

Learn how to configure an endpoint that runs through an Apache Kafka broker and monitor the traffic flowing through the endpoint.

IBM Cloud Satellite Q&A

Understand the availability roadmap for services that will be fully managed through IBM Cloud Satellite and how IBM Cloud Satellite manages the Kubernetes configuration.