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Deploying containerized software to edge devices

In factory environments, when employees enter a designated area, they must wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like a hard hat or a mask.

In this THINK 2021 Master Class, learn from IBM Edge experts how to build a solution that monitors a designated area and issues an alert when an employee is detected who is not wearing the right PPE. To reduce load on the network, the video stream object detection will be performed on edge devices that are managed by Open Horizon and IBM Edge Application Manager.

Introduction to IBM Edge Application Manager

Familiarize yourself with the concepts around building edge applications, making devices zero-touch, and deploying to the cloud as Kubernetes clusters.

Overview of edge computing, IEAM components, and edge deployment options

Learn about the edge nodes: edge devices, edge servers, and edge network. Learn how an edge device is different from an IoT sensor. Learn about the key components of IBM Edge Application Manager (IEAM). Discover the different ways the IEAM edge architecture can be deployed in the enterprise. And, finally, see a demo of the edge use case of object detection.

You can read more about the architecture and environment for this edge use case in Sharath’s article, “Building out the edge in the application layer and device layer.”

A technical overview of IEAM components

In this demonstration, learn how the IBM Edge Application Manager works, learn about the difference between patterns and policies, and learn how to deal with constraint resolution.

Open Horizon, the Linux Foundation Edge project

Learn about Open Horizon, a Linux Foundation Edge project, which allows you to add new capabilities onto a device, enable your device to use other services, automate workload lifecycle, and automatically deploy applications to all devices where the policies match.

See a demonstration of IBM Edge Application Manager, which is based on Open Horizon, running in IBM Cloud on an OpenShift cluster.

To explore more about Open Horizon, check out the Open Horizon YouTube playlist.

Demonstrations of more edge components and services

As edge devices become smarter, new possibilities open around areas like machine learning on the edge and improving training models. The Model Management System of IBM Edge Application Manager is instrumental helps make these edge devices be smarter. Maximo Visual Inspection is another critical component to our edge use case example.

This video wraps up with some Q&A from the THINK 2021 Master Class.

Closing comments

A wrap-up of this THINK 2021 Master Class session and a breakdown of what it means to be zero-touch with the deployment of enterprise edge devices using Open Horizon and IBM Edge Application Manager.

Summary and next steps

This THINK 2021 Master Class session given by IBM Edge experts demonstrated how to build an edge solution using IBM Edge Application Manager, which is based on Open Horizon, running in IBM Cloud on an OpenShift cluster.

Explore more about edge computing architectures and use cases in the Edge Computing hub on IBM Developer.