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Exploring reactive programming

Mary Grygleski spent time with Mark Heckler, Spring expert and developer advocate from VMWare, and asked him about his insights on reactive programming and reactive systems and specifically about his experiences with Spring Reactor and how it compares with RxJava.

Why should you move to event-driven programming?

Learn why you want to consider event-driven programming and how it helps you do more with less and focus on performance and scalability, which are two areas that are often considered mutually exclusive.

How do you move to a reactive programming model?

See what some of the inhibitors to aggressively adopting the reactive programming model. Learn about moving from an imperative to reactive application and the best ways to make this transition.

How to connect reactive components with APIs

For reactive programming, you can use an API similar to Java to connect components. Learn the best models for building reactive streams and how to address your publishing model.

How to connect to databases in reactive systems

Learn some of the differences between imperative and reactive programming. Then, learn how to connect to databases and how to get the most efficiency from reactive programming.

Summary and next steps

Want to learn more? Learn how to better architect your applications to be more reactive, responsive, and resilient through reactive architecture frameworks.

Also, explore more about reactive systems by reviewing the code patterns, articles, tutorials, and more on the Reactive Systems hub.