Discover APIs to help build intelligent, self-correcting supply chains

The IBM Sterling suite offers APIs to help you build a supply chain tailored for your business. For API documentation, look at the following API Explorer pages, and be sure to check out the full catalog.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights With Watson — Use these APIs to provide visibility across your supply chain to help you manage constant change. Quickly detect potential disruptions and collaborate with colleagues and IBM Watson™ to resolve issues.

IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer With Watson — Use these APIs to provide insight into your business by analyzing big data with the goal of minimizing the total cost to serve your customers using both stores and distribution centers.

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility — Use these APIs to process extremely high inventory supply-and-demand update activity, and present an accurate real-time availability picture across all e-commerce channels.

IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence — Use these APIs to provide you and your trading partners the ability to share EDI X12 documents on a permissioned IBM Blockchain to increase transparency and visibility to your supply-chain transactions.