IBM Cloud Code Engine: All your cloud-native needs without the cloud-native skills

The world is moving to cloud-native technology, such as Kubernetes, for the feature-rich environment it offers. However, with that comes entirely new skill and expertise requirements. Is this really how you want your developers to spend their time? Shouldn’t they produce value for you and your customers instead? In this Think 2021 Master Class, you learn how IBM Cloud Code Engine was specifically designed to shift your developers’ time back to coding instead of managing your IT infrastructure.

Introduction to Code Engine

Learn why Code Engine can help you simplify your move to a cloud-native environment and how this fast-tracks your path to developing in a container environment.

Hello World application demo and getting started

See what it takes to setup an instance of Code Engine and how you can build a simple Hello World application.

The Code Engine conceptual architecture

Understand the conceptual architecture behind Code Engine, how the infrastructure is abstracted, and the open source components that make up this tool.

Setting up a Hello World batch job

Batch jobs are meant to be run on demand versus events that are triggered. Understand how to set up a batch job in Code Engine in this demonstration.

Running a Hello World application from source code

How you can deploy source code directly from GitHub without even knowing what a container is or what runtime language the application is written.

Illustrating a batch job by estimating pi

Demonstration of a batch job running in Code Engine that uses random placement and a simple mathematical formula to model pi.

Insurance website demo

See how events and batch jobs can work together to create a larger and more fully-formed application.

Key features of Code Engine

There are several features that make Code Engine unique when it comes to cloud-native application development, such as event orchestration, container image registry support, and only paying when your workloads are active.

Wrap-up: The true benefits of Code Engine

With an increased focus on business logic and less concern over infrastructure implementation, Code Engine is ideal for serverless, distributed applications.