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IBM i technical resources roadmap

There’s an abundance of technical information about IBM i available and it can be a bit overwhelming for new and seasoned users alike. The purpose of this roadmap, which was pulled together by IBM i subject matter experts, is to help users who want to learn about IBM i and interact with other users but don’t know where to start.

To make it even easier to find what you’re looking for, we’ve organized the resources into the following categories. In addition, you can use the Table of Contents (on the right side of this page) to quickly jump to a topic of interest to you.

Get started with IBM i

Review these resources to begin your journey with IBM i.

Develop on IBM i

This section provides the links to the tools and services you need for developing on IBM i.

  • IBM Rational Developer for i
    Learn about IBM® Rational® Developer for i , which provides a single development environment for modern IBM i application development and modernization.
  • RPG Cafe
    Get the latest announcements, information about enhancements, and tips for using IBM Rational Developer for i.
  • IBM Lab Services
    It provides proven consulting in installation, migration, porting, application architecture and development, performance tuning, and hands-on skills transfer.
  • IBM Systems Cloud for Enablement and Co-Creation Remotely access IBM Power Systems for development, porting, and functional testing.
  • IBM i Open Source
    Learn about the open source software available on IBM i today, how to get access to it, andwhere to go to get additional details and documentation.
  • IBM Power Systems Performance Capabilities Reference
    Reference guide on performance, capacity planning information, and tips to obtain optimal performance on IBM i operating system.

Learn about IBM i

Start here to get up to speed on working with IBM i products and features

Integrated functions

Refer to the following resources for information about IBM i integrated functions.

  • Db2 Mirror for i
    IBM Db2 Mirror for i enables continuous availability for your mission-critical applications.
  • Db2 for i
    Db2 for i is an IBM i integrated Relational Database Management System that leverages the high performance, virtualization, and energy efficiency features of IBM Power Systems.
  • HTTP Server for i
    The IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) for i is a complete Web server product which offers several components and features to assist in your web site configuration and development.
  • IBM i Access
    IBM i Access provides business users with a friendly environment of easy-to-use features to increase productivity, and at the same time reduce the need for support and training.
  • IBM i NetServer
    IBM i NetServer is an IBM i function that enables Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista clients to access IBM i shared directory paths and shared output queues.
  • IBM i Services
    Consolidated list of IBM i (SQL) services
  • IBM i 7.4 Security
    Learn how to secure your system, network and communications applications, and how to add highly secure cryptographic processing capability to your system among other security topics.
  • Integrated Web Application Server for IBM i
    The integrated Web application server for IBM i is a lightweight Java™ application server that contains a Web servlet container that is readily accessible and provides a flexible foundationfor developing jsp and servlet-based Java applications.
  • Integrated Web Services
    Learen how Integrated Web Services for i enables Integrated Language Environment (ILE) applications to play in the web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) arena with little effort, knowledge, and resources.
  • IBM i 7.4 Work Management
    Work management is an important building block within the IBM® i operating system. Its functions are the foundation through which all work enters the system, is processed, run, and completed.

IBM i products

Learn more about IBM i products.

  • IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i
    IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i can help you ensure consistent performance and deployment for any workload running on your system.
  • IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i
    IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i is a job scheduling system designed to allow unattended operations, automate operator functions, and control report distribution
  • IBM Content Manager on Demand
    find information about how to install, maintain, and use the IBM Content Manager OnDemand for i V7.4.0
  • IBM Db2 Web Query for i
    Db2 Web Query for i is a business intelligence and analytics platform for companies using IBM i systems that helps turn data into insight and insight into business outcomes.
  • IBM Domino for i
    IBM Domino for IBM i enables existing Power Systems clients to build and deploy messaging and collaborative applications on the same system as their enterprise applications and data.
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server for i
    Learn more about the leading open standards-based application foundation for IBM i.
  • PowerHA SystemMirror for i
    Information about the latest enhancements, as well as additional product documentation and information,
  • OmniFind Text Search Server for Db2 for i
    OmniFind Text Search Server for DB2® for i allows you to issue SQL statements that satisfy familiar text search queries on documents that are stored in a DB2 database.

IBM Power Systems hardware information

Refer to the resources in this section for IBM Power Systems hardware information.

  • PowerVM
    PowerVM provides a secure and scalable server virtualization environment for AIX®, IBM i and Linux applications built upon the advanced RAS features and leading performance of the Power Systems™ platform.
  • PowerVP
    Power® Virtualization Performance (PowerVP™) is a performance monitoring solution that provides detailed and real-time information about virtualized workloads that are running on IBM® Power Systems™ servers.
  • POWER9
    Information about the available POWER9 systems.
  • POWER8
    Information about the available POWER8 systems.

Technical resources

This section provides a list of resources useful to the IBM i community (from sources such as IBM Redbooks and IBM Knowledge Center) and other references to further explore about IBM i.

IBM Redbooks and Redpapers

IBM i Knowledge Center – supported releases

IBM i Knowledge Center – older releases



FAQs and other useful information

Manage IBM i

Find instructions to manage IBM i tools, products, and services.

Management tools, products, and services

  • Systems Management
    Learn how to distribute and group system resources, plan backup and recovery situations, secure your system, manage multiple system, and analyze or troubleshoot any performance problems that might occur on your system.
  • Backup Recovery and Media Services
    Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing the backup of your i server.
  • Navigator for i
    IBM Navigator for i is the web-based interface for system access and management.
  • Performance Management
    This topic will guide you through the tasks and tools associated with performance management.
  • Performance Data Investigator
    Performance Data Investigator provides a web-based GUI over performance data with interactive charts and tables.
  • Performance Management for Power Systems
    IBM Performance Management for Power Systems is a dynamic, easy to use, performance and capacity planning function tool.
  • IBM i Support: Recommended fixes
    Get the latest fix information directly from the IBM i Support Center without a telephone call. Locate the fix for a specific problem or obtain the latest fixes.
  • Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT)
    FLRT provides cross-product compatibility information and fix recommendations for IBM products.
  • IBM iDoctor for IBM i
    Collect, investigate and analyze performance data on IBM Power Systems.

IBM i Support resources

IBM i capacity planning and upgrade resources

  • Upgrade planning
    Learn to plan future solutions as you enhance, upgrade or replace your servers with new operating system releases and/or hardware offerings.
  • IBM i 7.4 memo to users
    Helps you to prepare for changes on your current system and to use the IBM i 7.4 release.
  • IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems
    System planning, design, validation and provides a system validation report that reflects the user’s system requirements while not exceeding system recommendations.
  • IBM Systems Energy Estimator
    Estimate typical power requirements (watts) for a specific system configuration under normal operating conditions.
  • IBM Performance Management for Power Systems
    Provides critical resource and performance information about the current and long-term utilization trends – from a total system view to an individual logical partition view.

Connect with the IBM i community

Collaborate with other IBM i users. Join the community, share your expertise, and get support from the experts.

Communities and user groups



Other IBM i pages





Educate yourself using these webinars and other tehcnical resources.

News and highlights

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Customer stories

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