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Get started with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Over the long lifespan of the Java platform, many excellent frameworks have been released (and updated) to assist developers in bringing modern, complex applications to life. For many years, Java EE has been a major platform for mission-critical enterprise applications. In order to accelerate cloud-native application development, leading software vendors collaborated to move Java EE technologies to the Eclipse Foundation, where they will evolve under the Jakarta EE brand.

Get started with cloud-native development

Eclipse MicroProfile optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture. MicroProfile utilizes existing Java EE tools (JAX-RS, CDI, JSON-P, for example) and combines them with new ones to create a baseline platform optimized for a microservice architecture. MicroProfile allows collaboration where there is a commonality. By leveraging commonality to define a baseline platform, developers have a degree of application portability with multiple implementations to choose from.

The “Introduction to MicroProfile” guide discusses how MicroProfile helps with developing and managing cloud-native microservices.

Jumpstart your apps with Open Liberty

Open Liberty provides developers with proven Java EE 8 technology and the latest Eclipse MicroProfile capabilities for building microservices. Building cloud-native apps and microservices has never been more efficient. Run only what you need. Open Liberty’s goal is to give you just enough to get the job done without getting in your way.

Visit the Open Liberty guides for hands-on experience to learn and explore Open Liberty.

Improve your skills

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