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Java Platform overview

The Java programming language is by far the most popular language for enterprise development offering the rich user interface, performance, portability, and security that today’s applications require.

In addition to Java, there are several other popular programming languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), including Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, and others that address specific programming and functional requirements.

Continuous technology improvements to Java ensure that the platform is suitable for modern application development. One example is the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM, which is optimized to run Java applications cost-effectively in the cloud.

Access the best open source implementation

OpenJDK is the place to collaborate on an open source implementation of the Java Platform and related projects. OpenJDK offers the best open-source Java implementation and encourages external contributors to join the community.

OpenJDK offers the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM as an enterprise grade, open source option. Get started and get involved with the OpenJ9 community today.

Get your Java runtime here

AdoptOpenJDK provides prebuilt, solidly made OpenJDK binaries to the highest quality possible utilizing existing OpenJDK test suites. Platforms supported include ARM 32/64 (aarch 32/64), Linux x64, Windows, Solaris (Intel), MacOS, and several other Linux variants.

Improve your Java skills

Bring your skills in line with the new Java development landscape with the following learning assets: