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Use Spring with IBM Cloud and IBM software

What is Spring?

Spring is a popular framework for creating Java enterprise applications. It has grown beyond its initial offering to encompass an entire family of projects built with and around the Spring framework. This family of projects addresses a wide range of technologies, enabling entire solutions to be built using Spring capabilities.

What is Spring Boot?

“Spring Boot” is a Spring project that simplifies development by replacing older verbose XML configurations with a rich set of conventions (convention over configuration) and annotations (configuration as code). “Spring starters” further offer opinionated assistance for using various technologies, with configuration injection and automatic component initialization. By using a “convention over configuration” approach, the amount of effort required by the developer to use a new API or service is minimized. Spring Boot applications are also able to be packaged as a single executable JAR file, making for easy test and deployment.

What is IBM doing with Spring?

IBM is actively creating Spring starters for IBM software and IBM Cloud services, enabling Spring developers to easily incorporate IBM technologies within their applications.

Spring starters currently exist for:

IBM is also creating starter kits to enable developers to quickly create Spring applications that deploy to IBM Cloud.

A starter kit provides the foundation for your cloud native application. Each starter kit is generated with configuration and dependencies for selected services, a Dockerfile, and other deployment metadata, and is pre-configured with facilities to allow you to monitor the health of your application.

Starter kits:

  • Java Spring Basic” – A web application using Spring Boot and Tomcat, with Kubernetes/CloudFoundry/Pipeline support.
  • Java Spring Backend” – A Backend for Frontend (BFF) Java application, using Spring Boot, and Open API.
  • Java Spring Microservice” – A Java microservice application, using Spring Boot.
  • You can also create a custom Spring application that is preconfigured for selected IBM Cloud services.