The Automation API is a RESTful API that enables you to:

  • Create automated workflows with event-based triggers cued to IBM Aspera on Cloud endpoints
  • Incorporate workflow actions such as transfers, API calls, and notifications.
  • Manage, edit, and retrieve information about your workflows

For detailed endpoint reference, visit the API Explorer for the Automation API at


To use the Automation API, the following must be true:

  • You are an admin user.
  • You have an Enterprise or Advanced subscription for Aspera on Cloud.
  • Both the Activity app and the Automation app are enabled for your organization. To confirm that the apps are enabled, follow this procedure twice – one time for the Activity app and a second time for the Automation app:
  1. Open the Admin app in AoC.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Applications, then click Activity (for the Activity app). When you do this procedure a second time, click Automation (for the Automation app).
  3. Select Enable application, if it is not already selected.
  4. Click the Members tab.
  5. In the search box, start entering your email address.
    • If your username appears, you are a member of the app and no further action is needed.
    • If your username does not appear, click Add member. Start entering your email address. When the username appears in the blue dropdown, click to select the username, then click Add.

Access Control

You must include a JSON Web Token (bearer token) in the header of your request.

Creating Workflows with the Automation API: Overview

The first step in your workflow contains the trigger, which can be a person or API, a series of scheduled times, a new file added to a folder, or a package arriving in a shared inbox.

The rest of the steps in the workflow contain one or more actions. An action can transfer a file, send a package, call an API, or notify users. After you activate the workflow, you can monitor active workflow instances and update the state of the workflow, which allows you to make edits.

Note: Each workflow must contain at least one action that transfers a file or sends a package.