You asked, we answered: Introducing the Maximo Tools Series

You may not have realized it, but there are a number of useful Maximo tools that ship with IBM® Maximo® Asset Management that can provide value when developing solutions for your customers. The command-line tools are used after an initial installation or upgrade, but we’ve also found that there are a variety of ways to use these tools during and after a deployment.

We’ve gotten feedback from software developers who said that it would be helpful to have a guide that novice and expert developers alike can reference when it comes to using the Maximo tools. In response, we’ll use this space to highlight different tools, explain what they do, provide you with command syntax information and talk about use cases. In short, we’ll share our best tips and best practices.

How to use the Maximo tools

The tools provide benefits to everyone who uses Maximo Asset Management—business partners, customers, developers and implementation professionals. As a business partner, the tools help you deploy and maintain your own Maximo environments. You can also use the tools to help cut development time when creating solutions—speeding up time to market. In addition, the tools can maintain your customers’ environments; this will be a great selling point as you discuss your solutions to customers who deploy Maximo Asset Management.

Customers have already benefited from these tools

Projetech, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner® that provides enterprise asset and maintenance management solutions. Their focus is on Maximo as a service (MaaS), but they also offer a software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides customers with a security-rich, dedicated and supported Maximo application in the cloud.

Projetech was already using database configuration (DBC) scripts to make changes in the Maximo database. But the company found that by using the MXDiff tool within the Maximo app, they could compare UI presentations and generate the difference transactions between them, saving themselves a lot of time and effort. We’re thrilled to hear that Projetech could make the most of both tools to enhance their experience.

“The MXDIFF tools saved us a substantial amount of time. For example, screen changes were very difficult to migrate without impacting client customizations. MXDIFF allows our changes to be packaged and deployed quickly and reliably across our cloud.” – Steven Shull, Solution Architect & Development Lead, Projetech

THAT is the type of service we’d like to continue to provide for you. This type of feedback is immeasurable in our quest to share the tools that will help our business partners—and your customers—succeed. That’s why we’re happy to kick off the IBM Maximo Tools Series. Stay tuned as we share tool names, code samples and how-to tips on getting the most from the existing Maximo tools.

Learn more

Explore the Maximo command-line tools documentation to learn more.

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Christopher Lange has been an Information Developer for IBM Internet of Things for the past 12 years. His focus the last 10 years has been on software development for the IBM Maximo portfolio.


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