I recently uploaded a new recipe that shows how to connect devices to IBM® Maximo® Asset Management through gateways using the Maximo REST APIs, Raspberry Pi, Node-RED and Texas Instruments (TI) SensorTag CC2650. Please take a moment to review the recipe.

TI SensorTag CC2650 is a low-power, Bluetooth-enabled smart sensor containing various sensors suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Maximo Asset Management is an enterprise asset management system that can monitor and manage the full lifecycle of enterprise assets, including facilities, communications, transportation, production and infrastructure. By modeling TI SensorTag as a device that is managed by Maximo Asset Management, we show a recipe for connecting devices to the Maximo application through device gateways using the Maximo REST APIs, Raspberry Pi and Node-RED.

Why did I create this recipe?

There are numerous sensors, devices and gateways in industrial or manufacturing settings that need to be maintained, managed and serviced. Maximo Asset Management is widely used to manage assets in various industries including manufacturing, automotive and aviation. There is a considerable interest in the industry to ingest asset parameters, values and continuous data into Maximo Asset Management in order to manage these assets. Maximo Asset Management provides many analytical and predictive reports on assets, such as asset health insights (AHI) and predictive maintenance and quality (PMQ).

Direct ingestion of sensor values and device parameters into Maximo Asset Management reduces the overhead and increases the value of assets. Plus, customers see the increase in return on investment from Maximo Asset Management. This recipe shows a template for integrating sensors and devices data to Maximo Asset Management through edge devices acting as gateways. The gateway in this recipe is implemented by an inexpensive computing device such as Raspberry Pi.

Use the recipe to start managing SensorTag on Maximo Asset Management today.


Hari Narasimhamurthy is a Senior IT Architect and Offering Manager for IBM Watson Internet of Things. He has been an IBM IT Architect for Maximo Asset Management solutions for more than 10 years.

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