It’s been about three months since we launched the IBM Maximo Developer Center—we hope you’ve found it to be your number one source for information about IBM® Maximo® Asset Management. We’d like to continue growing our Maximo ecosystem, and this is your chance to help: invite your team members, clients and other colleagues to learn more about the Maximo Developer Center at our upcoming webinar.


Webinar: Learn about the Maximo Developer Center resources

July 19, 12–1 PM –or– July 20, 9–10 AM (pick a day that works best for you)

To enroll, email Kim Woodbury


I’ll be hosting the webinar with Sean Stuckless, IBM Internet of Things Senior Software Architect. Together, we’ll show what the Maximo Developer Center has to offer: information, tools, samples and forums designed to help business partners and developers deliver Maximo solutions more quickly and easily.

Why did we create the IBM Maximo Developer Center?

We value our Maximo developers and business partners, and we want to see you succeed. That’s why we’ve created a central location to find content and tools that will make it easier for you to use and sell Maximo Asset Management. The developer center particularly caters to developers—who are the backbone of what Maximo Asset Management has to offer.

“Developers are the heartbeat of digital innovation, making a thriving developer ecosystem critically important to the success of any platform or technology.” –Accenture, Engaging the Developer Community: What Developer Ecosystems Need to Know, 2018

What can your team gain from the IBM Maximo Developer Center?

Building a Maximo ecosystem takes teamwork. We’re always encouraging developers and business partners to jump into the conversation; the information you get from sharing experiences amongst peers is indispensable! So, what will you gain? Skills, networking, industry trends, tools and more.

Our business partners agree—the Maximo Developer Center delivers the content that they need.

If you want to develop applications, add-ons, and solutions faster, you’re going to love the new IBM Maximo Developer Center. Designed by developers, for developers—it has all the right ingredients in one place.” –Fernando Cartagena, Principal Consultant, Ontracks Consulting

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Hari Narasimhamurthy is a Senior IT Architect and Offering Manager for IBM Watson Internet of Things. He has been an IBM IT Architect for Maximo Asset Management solutions for more than 10 years.

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