On July 12, I both presented and attended sessions at MaxTECH – Maximo Technical User Group meeting in St. Louis. This event was hosted by Spire Energy and sponsored by BPD Zenith with the support of IBM. It was such a great experience that BPD Zenith is looking to do two to three of these events a year in different parts of the United States and Canada. Below, I’ve highlighted the three steps I took to ensure that I got the most out of this MaxTECH event.

Step 1: Share my expertise with the MaxTECH audience

In my role, I presented an IBM® Maximo® Asset Management configuration overview. I walked the group through a series of slides that explained what configuration is and how it relates to Maximo Asset Management. I highlighted the configurable areas of Maximo Asset Management and shared some interesting commands from the maximodev-cli tools. I like to share this information with other Maximo experts in hopes of enabling them to be more efficient in the app building and configuration processes.

Step 2: Pay attention during Q&A

One of the best things about presenting at these events is the great conversation with the attendees. I was asked if SaaS allows for configurability. Great question! The answer is yes.  Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) is highly customizable and both the user interface and the help can be adapted to suit your business requirements. You can change applications to meet your specific business needs. And the Application Designer provides a graphical user interface for configuring applications without editing a line of code.

Step 3: Learn from other experts

Stephen Hume, Senior Maximo Consultant, BPD Zenith showed how to use a Maximo configuration to build an application that can manage user-saved queries. Nick Vai and Chetan Shah from Spire Energy presented best practices from the Maximo Asset Management V7.6 release, which was a good review for me and got me excited about the upcoming IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1 release later this month.

Anamitra Bhattacharyya, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, gave a walk-through of Maximo serviceability. His presentation covered logging options, with a demonstration showing how log markers are used for annotating the logs, help demarcate the start and end of a log sequence and are good for marking and identifying logs for a certain operation. Anamitra also demonstrated how IBM Maximo Management Interface can be used to look at the system for supporting Maximo Asset Management. It was a great session, and we hope to expand on these topics within the IBM Maximo Developer Center over the next few months.

Overall MaxTECH takeaways

As always, I really enjoyed networking with the other Maximo customers and business partners. If given the opportunity, I recommend you attend a MaxTECH – Maximo Technical User Group meeting. It’s a great place to share information and learn the intricacies of Maximo Asset Management.

Join the MaxTECH group in the IBM Middleware User Community to keep an eye on upcoming MaxTECH events, and join the MaxTECH group on LinkedIn for more great Maximo conversations.


Sean Stuckless is an IBM Internet of Things Senior Software Architect. He has more than 25 years of experience planning, directing and delivering innovative technology solutions and software architecture projects, including developing high-profile object-oriented design/open source applications. Sean is also the co-founder of Android Easy Apps, a company that specializes in writing apps for Android.

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