Today is an exciting day—the release of IBM® Maximo® Asset Management V7.6.1. With these V7.6.1 updates, Maximo Asset Management has gotten simpler and more intuitive to use. The new user experience has been designed with specific roles in mind, and the work centers are more responsive to the device you’re using. Read more about the V7.6.1 release.

The new features allow you to:

  • Modernize the Maximo user experience with work centers
  • Optimize workflow using Work Supervisor
  • View, update and complete assignments from one central location
  • Improve service requests
  • Enhance inspection processes
  • Benefit from a new look and feel
  • Remain GDPR-ready
  • Use Cognos self-service dashboards and analytics

Get an overview of the new features below.

Modernize the Maximo user experience with V7.6.1

The new Maximo V7.6.1 features are modernized to use HTML5 and web component technology. This means that technicians can work on assignments and report actuals with minimal effort. Supervisors can help ensure work is going as planned as priorities shift throughout the day. Business analysts get a better understanding of the data. Service requestors have the ability to submit a problem quickly and efficiently. Inspectors can look at assets to create and manage inspection forms to complete inspections quickly and easily.

Optimize workflow using Work Supervisor

Based on lean thinking concepts, the V7.6.1 improvements to Work Supervisor uses primary principles to visualize work, optimize work in process, focus on flow and drive continuous improvement. For example, you can expand panels, toggle between list and card formats and enact multi-select and bulk actions. You can also create follow-up work, view associated related records, add job plans to work orders and update work plans. There are also improvements to labor reporting, service requests and asset tracking.

View, update and complete assignments from one central location

The Work Executive improvements encourage technicians to update Maximo Asset Management at the asset right away so that they enter complete data rather than what they remember at the end of the day. This helps decrease failures and increase asset reporting including reports on labor, asset location, downtime, follow-up work and meter readings.

Integrate with IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant

This integration puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the hands of the Maximo technician to fix repairs correctly the first time. It gives technicians access to best practice procedures. In addition, it provides recommendations based on ingested historical, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), regulatory, real-time data and public knowledge bases, and provides root cause analysis and repair recommendations including tools and materials.

Improve service requests

The Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1 improvements allow you to expand the category to include sub-categories down the classification hierarchy. It also allows you to enrich the location and asset steps with new search, type-ahead, GPS coordinates and QR/barcode scanning features. In addition, simple service request triaging and analysis for Work Supervisors allows supervisors to resolve service requests and create work orders. Also, align the styling with other work centers with updated cards, background, links and icons.

Enhance inspection processes

Using the new V7.6.1 capabilities, inspectors can better manage forms and report results on a mobile device. In fact, using the electronic forms, inspectors have the ability to define groups, questions and responses of several types. Inspection statuses are managed automatically and differentiate pending, in progress and completed results. In addition, inspectors will be able to search and evaluate individual completed inspection results. They can also leverage IBM Watson® services to conduct a hands-free inspection by just using voice responses.

Benefit from a new V7.6.1 look and feel

With the V7.6.1 release comes an updated look and feel, including a new skin. There are updated KPI colors, a responsive user interface and new icons. In addition to the new icons, the color was removed so that error and confirmation messages will be the only red or green indicators on the screen. The new skin makes confirmation messages clearer, the required fields to appear more prominently and inline errors are the only red item visible.

Remain GDPR-ready

The IBM Maximo People Data Management Utility is now part of Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1. The Maximo application itself doesn’t ensure GDPR compliance; instead, it makes the process of managing personal information (PI) more efficient by helping to specify PI. An action can be invoked to obfuscate or remove PI for an individual. Our clients can use the application combined with their internal processes and tools to achieve GDPR compliance.

Use Cognos self-service dashboard and analytics

The V7.6.1 release allows you to extend your data analysis capabilities into the self-service reporting and dashboard features provided by IBM Cognos® Analytics. Cognos V11 Analytics offers a range of web-based modeling, authoring and viewing tools to help you create reports and dashboards. The combination of Maximo Asset Management with Cognos Analytics enables you to create and govern your own content.


As you can see, there have been a lot of great updates in the V7.6.1 release. Our goal is to continue to improve Maximo Asset Management to enhance the user experience for our IBM Business Partners and our customers alike.

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