I had a great experience at MaximoWorld 2018 last week. Between my presentation, attending other sessions and spending time talking with IBM® Maximo® Asset Management users in the IBM booth, I had a lot of great conversations!

How I spent my time at MaximoWorld 2018

My session, “Maximo Customization Using Scripting and Formula,” was well attended. I received some great feedback from the group that IBM Business Partners and other Maximo users would like additional documentation on this topic. We’ll work on getting all those documents into the IBM Maximo Developer Center, so be sure to watch this space for more information. During my session, I covered when to use formulas versus when to use scripting: formulas serve the use case of calculated fields and scripting serves the use case of adding business logic at various customization points inside Maximo Asset Management.

In addition to my session, I attended the Facilities Management Maximo User Group roundtable. The session had more than 100 people anxious to see demonstrations and hear more about work centers, inspections, IBM Maximo Anywhere and scripting. There was a discussion about when to use work centers versus Maximo Anywhere: use Maximo Anywhere for disconnected mode and work centers for connected use cases. We also discussed the best practices around scripting, including when to use scripting versus Maximo Workflow: use scripting for defining fine-grained business logic and use workflows for defining the step-by-step process flows like approvals, etc.

Two RAP sessions I attended provided great information. In “Going Digital: Asset Performance Modeling,” we discussed the steps for using digital context and components to enable digital workflows. Called “digital DNA,” these components are used for immersive asset performance modeling. In “Enterprise Asset Management Manufacturing,” we discussed how General Motors has used Maximo Asset Management for Work Management for Maintenance within their plant, and how their feedback is helping to evolve IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights.

A few other highlights:

  • During a session on Maximo REST APIs, the speakers described how they’ve used APIs to build their new user interface and the tooling around it. For example, they use the .Net client for APIs and new migration tools for moving things from test to production.
  • I met with C&S Wholesale Grocers—a new Maximo customer—and discussed their customization use cases.
  • On the last day, I went to the “What to Do When Machines Do Everything” session about artificial intelligence (AI). We covered the use cases around determining the failure code using IBM AI APIs from the workorder summary.

In the IBM booth, which was always crowded with customers, I fielded a range of questions, including where to find the documentation for various topics like work centers, scripting, REST APIs, Maximo Integration Framework, etc. The answers are right here in the IBM Maximo Developer Center.

Overall, it was a great event and I look forward to further shared learning that will come from the MaximoWorld conference.


Anamitra is the lead designer and developer for multiple Maximo modules including automation scripting, formula, integration framework and REST APIs. He has worked in Maximo development for more than 15 years. He is an IBM Master Inventor and serves on the IBM Invention Review Board.

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